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FurReal Friends Cuddle Chimp (Toy)

FurReal Friends Cuddle Chimp is the lovable, huggable baby chimpanzee toy that adores being cuddled. He can reach out to give you a hug and loves to clap his hands when he’s happy. He really hugs you, claps his hands and makes slurping sounds when you feed him his bottle and giggles when you tickle his foot. Watch his facial expressions change and listen to him make realistic baby chimp sounds. Pet the soft fur on his back and be sure to feed him his banana bottle when he gets hungry.


  • This realistic-looking chimpanzee loves snuggle and cuddle – give him a hug and he hugs you back!
  • After being fed from his banana bottle or stroked along his back, Cuddle Chimp lets kids know he is ready for a hug by stretching out his arms.
  • When hugged, the adorable chimpanzee snuggles into his owner’s arms and makes “real” happy chimp sounds.
  • Cuddle Chimp loves to be tickled – but watch out, as this loveable chimp will go bananas by clapping his hands and crying out excitedly with baby chimp noises.
  • Requires three C batteries, included.

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